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Deedman is a family business and has been established since 1974. We have over 40 years’ experience of brightening up office environments throughout the UK by providing both living and replica tropical office plants.

We have always been pioneers and have remained at the forefront of the industry offering exciting and innovative office plants, planters and displays that take their cue from the latest architectural trends. In all this change and innovation we have maintained one constant and that is our service commitment to our customers.

We look after a broad portfolio of clients across a raft of industries and offices large and small. We have created stunning plant schemes for shopping centres and designed and installed dazzling displays in the atriums of academic institutions. For every one of our clients we create a tailored scheme and care service that perfectly matches their needs.

Call us now on 01204 577000 to discover what we can do for your environment.

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Speech Icon LeftThe plant installation went down well. So much so, we are interested in a further 12 x Kenita forsteriana plants.Speech Icon Right - Natasha

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Speech Icon LeftOur new aubergine planters and plants were installed today. I just wanted to say how good they look and that they have already been admired, so thanks for that.Speech Icon Right - Derek

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Speech Icon LeftThank you and your staff for doing a great job at Clarke House especially the wonderful job you managed to achieve on the large trees in the street inside the building.Speech Icon Right - Byron


NASA research reveals the benefits plants deliver

In a recent study NASA concluded that plants had a positive impact on air quality in enclosed spaces. The plant, its roots and the compost filter the air to remove harmful chemicals and absorb these into the plants resulting in cleaner healthier air and minimising harmful toxins released by office furniture and equipment. Consider how a tailored plant scheme could improve your environment. As well as an aesthetic appeal research has shown that plants offer several benefits that may surprise you…

  • They make the air cleaner and so reduce the days lost to illness
  • They reduce staff stress and improve staff morale
  • They even boost attentiveness and staff productivity
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