Office Plants

Deedman has been renting interior plants to offices since 1974 and was one of the first companies to install office plants.

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Our aim is to supply the best office plant displays using plants of excellent quality in contemporary containers and to maintain them so they are in top condition over the term of the contract.

Sounds simple? Well, 40 years of experience means we make it seem that way. A number of steps have been taken to ensure customer satisfaction, excellent service and outstanding office plant displays.

Free plant replacement policy if the office plant dies: to make life simpler for the customer our one rental cost covers replacement plants if they die.

Ensuring that

  • We use only the best quality plants, not doing so would mean constantly changing poor quality plants.
  • Our maintenance team receive excellent in-house training in how to look after them.

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  • Create separation that might be needed in the reception for informal meetings.
  • Create talking point features.
  • Living wall and living plant artwork.
  • Wow factor entrance planting.

Deedman work on both small and large projects, from office plants for academic institutions, shopping centres and large corporations to the company that requires only 4 displays in reception.

We enjoy installing plants in offices and feel we are playing our part in greening often dull and grey environments.

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The environmental benefit of interior plants: Find out more about how office plants improve indoor air quality.

Living office plant displays: We offer a wide range of living plants to choose from. See our photo gallery and contact us for expert advice as to which plants will suit your interior. Read more.

 Office plant containers: At Deedman we have an extensive range of plant containers to choose from. There are a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, finishes and colours to meet all our customers’ needs and our design team will offer advice as to which plant containers will complement your environment and corporate image. Read more.

Our office plant maintenance service: Office plant displays can be rented or purchased, customers can also opt for our office plant maintenance service. Our trained and dedicated staff will maintain the office plants on a regular basis meaning they will always look as good as they did the day they were installed. Read more.

Artificial office plants vs living office plants? Why do some customers choose artificial plants over living plant displays? Read more.

 Reception and entrance office plants: Many customers require office plant displays to create an impact in the reception or entrance of a building. First impressions last, so find out how interior plants can create an impressive image for your company. Read more.

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The first step is to book your FREE design consultation and site survey. From there we can discuss what plant options are best suited to your workspace conditions.

Step 2 - Delivery and installation

We will take care of delivery and installation. We can either build the displays on site or bringing them to site fully made up for quick and easy placing.

Step 3 - Regular maintenance

Another service we provide is regular maintenance, ensuring plants continue to look great. If a plant suffers a natural failure or outgrows its position then we replace it.