Living and Replica Wall Plants

If your floor space is limited or you just want to make a style statement then a Plant wall is a fantastic solution for your work place. They have a small foot print but make a big impact and really bring the outside in.

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Living and Replica Wall Plants

If light is poor or access for maintenance is limited then we offer a range of realistic replica plant walls in a spectrum of colours and even the opportunity to incorporate your company name or logo.

Living or replica plant walls are an innovative and eye catching way to mask an unsightly wall. They can help you re-shape an area’s function by providing stunning room dividers. They can bring privacy to a meeting area. Their noise absorbing qualities can enhance the ambience of your workplace. Their fantastic visual appeal can transform a bland space into a style statement.

If you do opt for the living plant wall then you will reap all the proven benefits of live plants in the office environment-cleaner air, calmer staff, reduced sickness and increased productivity.

Whatever choice you make we can tailor a maintenance plan that will ensure your plant wall thrives and continues to inspire your staff and wow your visitors.

The diversity of Plant walls is huge. They range in size from a small piece of art to a mobile room divider or a plant wall covering the side of a building. We will help you make the right choice whatever your situation.

Interior Moss Walls and Moss Pictures.

Vertical planting is becoming increasingly fashionable especially where space is at a premium. From this trend we have seen the growth of interior moss walls. They provide a radical and exciting way to introduce living plants to your work environment and they won’t impinge on floor space.

Interior Moss Walls can turn a dull wall in a dingy corridor into an inspiring piece of natural art. Their appeal is multi-sensory as they are aesthetically stunning to the eye and springy to the touch. They serve a practical function as they have noise absorption qualities.

Bringing depth and interest to any area they come in a range of colours and varieties. Despite the name, it is actually a strain of lichen that creates the “moss” on a moss wall.

Interior moss walls go through a rigorous preservation process during manufacture which means maintenance is minima and the moss stays fresh and soft. Some light dusting is all that’s necessary to keep them looking at their best.

We can also frame a section of moss to produce a Moss picture, you let us know the size and we will make it for you. We would use different mosses to create interest.

We think Interior Moss Walls and pictures add interest and beauty to any interior landscape. Let us help you turn a dull wall into a living work of art! No light or water required.

Living Plant Picture Frames

Living plant Picture Frames provide a practical and cost effective alternative to the Living Plant walls that are very much on trend. They are living works of art that make a style statement and work brilliantly behind a reception desk or in a corridor. They bring the benefits that any living plants bring to an office environment as they filter the air, encourage calmness and even absorb noise but they also inspire as a work of art.

If you are space conscious and style conscious then a living plant picture frame is the ideal solution. There is no plumbing, wiring or floor space required. The self-contained wall mounted unit can be a standalone piece of plant art or it could be used as part of a planting scheme to compliment other displays in the room.

We can tailor make these to your specifications and if you want to promote your brand we can even incorporate your brand colours and logo into the design.

Living Plant Picture Frames offer another innovative way to bring the outside in and introduce some inspiring green to your office environment that will wow staff and visitors alike.

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