Plant Containers

We have been at the forefront of the interior landscape industry now for over forty years. We continue to search for new ways to excite our customers.

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One of the ways we surprise and inspire our customers is through the huge range of plant containers we can offer them. We source from across the globe and we always look for the different and unique. We are confident that we can deliver exactly the right solution for your needs and our high standards mean that inspiring design will be supported by fantastic quality and durability.

We offer a spectrum of colours and finishes and we can even create a custom finish featuring your brand colours and logo.

We offer a huge range of sizes from a desktop planter that stands just 25cm tall to a huge trough stretching 4m in width.

We offer a massive range of styles from the very traditional to the ultra-modern.

We use a range of materials from robust plastics and stunning metals, to natural woods or ceramics, mother of pearl and stone

Whether you are a hotel, a restaurant, a car show room, a shopping centre, a call centre, or an office whatever your workplace we will have a container that is perfect for you.

Why not explore our range for yourself….

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What plants are best for your space

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Step 1 - FREE design consultation

The first step is to book your FREE design consultation and site survey. From there we can discuss what plant options are best suited to your workspace conditions.

Step 2 - Delivery and installation

We will take care of delivery and installation. We can either build the displays on site or bringing them to site fully made up for quick and easy placing.

Step 3 - Regular maintenance

Another service we provide is regular maintenance, ensuring plants continue to look great. If a plant suffers a natural failure or outgrows its position then we replace it.